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Strategic's Updated Response to the COVID-19

 POSTED AT 2:00pm - MARCH 16th 2020 

With the federal government issuing a state of emergency due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the World Health Organization characterizing the situation as a global pandemic, we'd like to share a number of updates related to how we are working through this crisis.

  • Strategic has permitted it's staff to work from home.   Most of our staff has availed themselves of this opportunity.  That said, our entire staff is available and has the capability to fully support you during this time. 

  • Hold Times may be longer than usual due to high call volume from clients requesting to work from home.  Please know that setting up all of our clients to work from home in a secure and optimized manner is paramount and we are working as quickly as we can to ensure every support request is handled as quickly possible.

  • All regularly scheduled on-site network maintenance will now be performed remotely.     If you have a list you generally provide to our techs during the maintenance, please e-mail it to We will revisit the situation next Friday 3/20/20 to determine if further suspension of non-essential on-site services is necessary.

  • Scheduled projects and emergency on-site support will be handled on a case-by-case basis.   We will contact you to discuss the feasibility of performing on-site installations or emergency support as the situation warrants.  In the event you wish to cancel an on-site project or visit, please notify us as soon as possible via

  • We are waiving the first month's fee for all new clients of Cloud Services including CloudBridge Virtual Desktop, Office365, and our TelAssure VOIP Phone System Service.  

  • In the event we learn that any member of our team has been exposed directly to someone who has tested positive, and that person has been in your office, we will notify the primary contact on your account immediately.  In the event any of your staff has been exposed or tests positive, we are asking our clients to contact Strategic management directly - but please do not open a support ticket to notify us.  Please e-mail or


Requirements for Clients Working Remotely

CloudBridge Clients

If you currently utilize the CloudBridge Virtual Desktop platform, your users will be able to work remotely without skipping a beat - however if users are not setup to work from home on the CloudBridge system, please open a support ticket at  

AssureIT or InSITE Clients

If you wish to have your users work remotely from home, and are not utilizing the CloudBridge Virtual Desktop platform, please note the following:

  • Your home users must have high speed internet (Cable or FIOS)​ of at least 50MBps

  • Your home users must have access to a PC running Windows 10 Home or Professional -
    Note that Windows 10 S 
    ​is not compatible

  • Your organization must have enough available VPN or DUO 2 Factor Authentication licenses

  • You must either have a server setup for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) or users must have a Desktop PC in the office running Windows 10 Professional with Remote Connections enabled. 

  • If you have a Remote Desktop Server (RDS), your server resources must be sufficient to support the number of users that will be working remotely.  

  • Your home users must contact us while they are in front of their PCs.   They can schedule a time with our support team by opening a ticket at   Please advise your staff to keep their schedule appointment to ensure we get to them as quickly as possible.

  • Home users must schedule a support call with our staff by e-mailing  They must be in front of their PCs to have them configured for remote access.  

  • Users will be instructed to browse to and click the "Client Support" button at the top of the screen.  They will then click the link for a Remote Technician to login to their system.


TelAssure Clients

If you currently have a TelAssure Service Agreement, you already have the capability to use your phone system remotely.  This is one of the biggest benefits of TelAssure.  

There are three ways to enable your team to work remotely quickly and effortlessly.

1. Webphone - With our webphone tool, your team can work from their laptop or home PC simply and easily.  All that is required is a PC with microphone and speakers or a headset. 

2. MobileApp - Similar to the webphone your team can download and use our mobile app to make/receive calls, chat with colleagues, SMS message customers, and more.  

3. Deskphones - Deskphones have the capability to work at home if plugged into your router although a power supply to do this.  If you do not already have one, please be sure to order as due to the demand supply may become limited. 


NOTE:  you will need your extension number and password in order to login remotely using options 1 or 2.  If you do not have your extension or password, please contact us at  

We appreciate your understanding throughout this unprecedented event that support times may be longer than normal.   If you have any questions please call us at 973.335.8800 or 203.580.4400.